Our group fitness programs at REVL Training each consist of a dynamic blend
of training styles, offering a more effective, diverse, and holistic approach
to your fitness.

Developed and delivered by industry experts, our hugely-popular programs focus on enhancing strength, conditioning, mobility, and endurance.

Here at REVL Training, you don’t join a fitness program;
you join a community. A community where your results aren’t the only reward; where support is crucial, a little sweat is essential, and
enjoying better health and wellbeing is only natural.

Group fitness just got glorious.

Our expert training programs are centred around holistic human performance, inspired by a plethora of different fitness modalities.

This means that our programs are diverse enough to keep things interesting, yet consistent enough to enable continual, measurable progression. 

Rooted in the laws of strength and conditioning training, our group fitness programs are designed to transform you to be stronger and more resilient – both inside and out.

Our programming is sectioned into 4 x 10-week blocks throughout the year, with each block divided into four seperate phases; Volume, Build, Deload & Peak.



Move sessions are run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday alongside Perform.

With a blend of strength, conditioning, cardio, and mobility, you’ll move, sculpt and test your body at all angles. Enjoy isolated total, upper, and lower body sessions to target each muscle group and feel the burn.

For the fitness enthusiast who loves the diversity of movement.



Sweat sessions are run on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Sweat it on with a fast-paced, high-intensity session guaranteed to burn. The perfect accompaniment to the Move and Perform and programs, Sweat is the time to bring the community together and put all that hard work to the test. 

For the OG fitness junkie who isn’t afraid to turn up the heat.


Perform sessions are run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

An equal-parts strength and conditioning program, Perform is sure to push your limits. You can expect tangible, measured progression through progressive overload and dedicated support.

For the fitness fiend who’s in it to perform and transform – no excuses.